Caveat Lector

This post will be the only thing I publish here that isn’t an announcement of a new book for sale. Why? Because this is my newsletter, that’s why – and newsletters are for news. If you want to hear me rant and storm, go read my blog.

But Lily, you may be thinking, why would you want to run your newsletter on WordPress and not, you know, a subscription service like Mailchimp? Because, my sweet summer child, the government thinks I should be obliged to give you my home address in order to be considered legitimate mail and not spam if I use a service like that, whereas if I route it through a blog subscription then WordPress gets to give you its home address.

But Lily, you may be thinking, you have a blog. Why not just direct people to subscribe to it instead of making a second blog for your news? Because, my precious, I want my book readers to have an easy way to see that I released a new book. I post too many other things on my blog to allow for clear and effective communication of new publications – plus, my blog is heavily slanted to writing and publishing, and the people who like my fiction may not be interested in any any of my writing but my fiction.

So there it is. This is my newsletter. If you want to receive an announcement via email any time I publish a new book, and only when I publish a new book, then you should subscribe to this blog. I promise, its purpose is singular; I will never use this blog for anything except new release announcements.